Ancestry constitutes a complex system with its own set of rules and laws that operate independently of our awareness or understanding. Regardless of our knowledge, the consequences of violating these laws apply to us. When the laws of the ancestral system are breached, the entire system can falter, affecting various aspects of our lives.

Within the ancestral system, negative energy can accumulate from events such as violent deaths, suicides, betrayals, thefts, abortions, and emotionally charged situations. 

❗️The key indicator of ancestral issues is their recurrence across generations.

🤎Recognizing repetitive patterns within our family history serves as evidence of negative ancestral patterns:

  • Strained familial relationships, lack of understanding, infidelity, divorces, and feelings of isolation.
  • Inherited illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, mental disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and congenital conditions.
  • Disharmony between parents and children, characterized by misunderstandings, rejection, and conflicts.
  • Persistent or recurring financial troubles, poverty, living paycheck to paycheck, bankruptcy, and inheritance disputes.
  • Regular or periodic work-related difficulties, career setbacks, job terminations, and conflicts.
  • Difficulties with fertility, including infertility, the inability to carry a pregnancy to term, abortions, and infant mortality.
  • Unsuccessful pursuit of life purpose, dissatisfaction, feelings of inadequacy, and obstacles to accomplishing significant goals.
  • Multiple severe circumstances and tragedies such as imprisonment, suicides, and homicides.
  • Experiencing excessive emotional pain during childhood.
  • Life-threatening situations like accidents and emergencies.

🤍These issues might signify a call for assistance from the ancestry system.

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